Monday, February 20, 2012

Multiple Personalities

How can I say this nicely.... TODDLERS ARE INFURIATING!

I kinda feel bad even writing that but I have to just admit and get it out of my system. I shouldn't feel guilty because I feel this way. God knows, I am not the Alpha or Omega on this topic so I'll just join the club.

And please do not get me wrong, I'm am deeply devoted to all the penises in my house. I love these boys but they are such...such...BOYS! UGH! I am greatly outnumbered but will not be outpowered.

This weekend it was cold. Cold enough to keep us inside and although we just added on a substantial amount of square footage to our house, toddler feels the need to be up our hind ends all day. This is annoying. Like a wedgie is annoying. Seriously, he's so mad at me for multiplying again that he pushes me away when I have time to cultivate our relationship and engage with him only to latch on to me and scream for me when I literally have my hands full of infant. Usually it's infant's poop or bath time or something where I need a little more than scant attention and I have to push him away. It's like push pull grab around here!

Hank has a quick switch face like one of those blocks with a happy face on side and a mad face on the other only his is Happy Sugar Face on one side and Linda Blair Exorcist Face. Sugar Face/Exorcist/Sugar Face/Exorcist/Sugar Face/ Exorcist/Sugar Face/Exorcist/Exorcist/Exorcist/Sugar Face.
I never know which will appear but I try to kiss kiss the Sugar face and exorcise the green demon head. Poor guy is just really mad at me or the world or whomever is right next to him. And this is considered normal. Normal to whom??

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO......When will the answer be yes?

And I have kicked myself too through all this personality confusion. I'll miss read signals and get ticked when he's trying to "help". "Help" to a toddler isn't really help at all but it means a lot to him so shame on me for not recognizing it right off. You can see it one their face when it dawns on them that you might have boundaries and they feel genuinely bad for crossing it. Thank god, kids are forgiving little souls. Otherwise, I'm screwed.

G Dub's support has been so on target but if I hear "He's only 2" one more time I'm gonna start justifying all my immature mouth spouts or tantrums with " Well, I'm only 38. Come on"

All we can do it love them through it. So when Happy Sugar Face appears I try to drop what I'm doing and give him my full attention even if it's just for a few minutes. Hank is a robust character that fully lives up to his Taurus birth sign. At night, I feel like I've been run over by a bull so there ya go.

Have I even mentioned Max?? Um, no. That's because he is a dream boat. He's soft and squishy and cuddley. Max just goes with the flow happily smiling and laughing at Hank's antics. Have I taken pics of Max? No. Not near as many as I took of Hank at this age! But, oh my, Max warms me with that little spark I need to get it all together and keep it together.

And that's life over here in Crazyville!

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