Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goodbye Turkey!

This is Hank's slogan - but you have to say it in your best Jerry Reed " She Got the Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft" voice. We say it when he leaves the room in his walker. My oh my, no drawer pull, knob, button or slip of paper is safe!

This AM started early but with the energy of Taz. I somehow coaxed him into a tiny nap, ate breakfast and then made the mistake of sitting him his walker as I needed 2 hands for something. He took OFF screaming around every curve and obstacle! So off I go following after him looking for what we have left out on accident that he'll snatch up and cram in his mouth.

This is what it sounded like today: pull, touch, grab, bite, throw, pull, drop, chase, grab, rip, mouth, chew, grab, lick, rip, rip ,rip, eat, pull, bite, drop, gag, touch, grab, eat, eat, eat, chase, touch, clean out mouth, drop, grab, rip, chew, touch...on and on.

He made the first of many many messes today as he bee lined for the garbage can AGAIN - I swear I only turned my head, not my body, just my head and he dive bombed into the fresh coffee grounds from breakfast. Yep, he chewed 'em too. Ewwwww, wet coffee all down the front of him and the walker! And you know how a walker is shaped at the bottom, like a swiffer, that just made the grounds distribute easily around the kitchen floor. I tried to get pics as I was stroking out and I had already cleaned his mouth a little.

Oh yeah and you know that sticky lotion Aquaphor? I tried to slather him down with that and a big bubble of it popped out of the tube and landed in the window blinds behind the changing table - Hank proceeded to run his head through it before I could hog tie him with the sleeves of his jammies! So, he was covered in coffee and now has greasy, sticky hair! BTW he got really PO'd when I tried to clean it up - OMG! He looked like a baby orangutan.

Whew - what a day! But I loved it. No, really!