Friday, May 29, 2009

Singin' Songs and Stuff

Now that I have all that serious stuff written down I can start writing the fun stuff!
It's only been 3 weeks and I'm already amassing a repertoire of funny stories about my kid. His personality is peeking out and giving me little glimpses of what's in store for us later - and it's scary as hell! LOL

And he's making sure that I have plenty of ammo on him when he's in his teens and totally embarrassed to be with me. He'd better be careful or I'll tell the cute little stories about projectile poop or why he wasn't circumcised for a little while - kudos to Daddy he's little on the large side. Hey, don't look at me that's what the Dr. said!?

Poor Daddy has had to endure a lot so far. I was rocking him to sleep in our bed and out came a huge fountain of milk that splashed against Gary's naked back! I called it payback since he was the only member of the family that was actually sleeping at 3:45 am. Sympathy was hard to find at that hour so I stifled my evil giggle. heehee

Hank doesn't like pacifiers. He's a man holding out for the real deal. Commendable but annoying for Mommy. VERY early one morning I was just slightly trying to shove it in his mouth when he closed his eyes, pursed his lips together and lifted his brows as if to say "you can't force it so forget it and I don't care who you are". He was barely 2 wks old and I quickly realized what I'm dealing with here - a baby that knows exactly who he is, what he wants and how to get it. Great.

I do have to write about the time he smelled like BO. I only bathe him every other day cuz he doesn't get dirty really and it can dry his skin out but on the morning I was taking him to be circumcised I was feeding him and caught a strange whiff. Confused I investigated further. OK, now I know BO can't be possible on a baby but my kid's head smelled like onions! Wut tha? Come to find out he had slept in daddy's arm pit overnight and picked up his um...scent. Gasp! It was like he'd been marked or something. How many wipes did I have to use to get rid of that - only 2 but dang don't stink up my baby!

And the songs I can make up now - oh geez....but what rhymes with Hank? All I could think of was skank so I don't make up songs with his name. But I do my normal word replacement songs. So far it's Cheap Trick " I Want You to Want Me" changed to "I Want You to Hold Me" and Little River Band "Lady" changed to "Baby". And for some strange reason I started humming the guitar riff for Smoke on the Water to him....I don't know where that came from...

Unfortunately, there have been a couple of times that I lost my patience. Hank was fussy for hours and hours and hours and over tired and i lost it about 10:30pm. I was "touched out" meaning that I was tired of being touched since I am feeding every 2 hours and if he's fussy he wants to sit on me constantly. Both of which I could handle if he wasn't crying and I had more than 3 hours sleep. I rolled him off of me into Gary's arms and left the room. Mother's guilt slapped me in the face and I really felt bad because he's a sweet, wonderful baby boy and I love him. I have so much growing to do Hank so just be patient!

When he left the hospital Hank weighed 6lbs 11oz. At 3 wks and 2 days old this little joker weighs 9lbs 12oz!! And he's LONG, good lord, but just starting to get a double chin and cute little fat rolls. But he is by no means a fat baby just big and healthy and the reason my Dad coined the nickname for me of Swiss Miss - yep, they are big and productive. After a birth like he had, I'm just happy something natural is working right ;D

Doh, he's a callin' for me...gotta run!

Letters to Hank

I've been thinking over the past couple of weeks that I have to start writing to my new boy,Hank, while I can - I collectively got 7 hours of sleep last night so my fingers are actually agile enough to type and my brain fog has slightly lifted for coherency.

A brief rundown of how Hank was born is definitely in order (for guilt purposes later in life, of course) I labored at home using self hypnosis as pain management for 26 hours - 3:30am May 4th until 5:30am May 5th. Instinctively, I knew to get to the hospital asap at 5:30 and you should have seen the rush to get me out the door! Looking back it was hilarious; not quite like what you see in the movies but almost as bumbling! Luckily, all my stuff was already in the car but getting all the PEOPLE in it was the challenge. My mom doing her hair and stepdad just kind of running around, Gary trying to group everyone together and think of everything last minute and finally Me not giving a damn what anyone was doing. By that time, I was in "just get there!" mode so I was almost running down my basement stairs, towels in hand!

We made it in record time with my awesome doula in tow - Micky had been at my house since 7pm helping guide me, time contractions and keep Gary awake . Contractions were not pain free but I was still handeling them tolorably well as I got checked in and partnered with my L&D nurse that specialized in natural deliveries. I can't believe this but I was 9cm dilated when I arrived @ Cenntennial - almost ready to begin pushing! WOW, I could've had my kid at home or at least in the next hour or so but it was not to be. Long story short, I would spend the next 10 hours trying to naturally deliver a baby that would not engage down and was positioned incorrectly. He kept negating every push by popping back up out of my pelvis ( or as i like to say just causing a ruckus right from the start!) FINALLY, my body and, most importantly, my mind gave out. Hypnobirthing is not made to last that long and I was in distress - I felt like I was screaming but everyone tells me I was not. Time for an epidural STAT but I was dehydrated and an IV was irrationally hard to put in ( i'll leave out the details on that since it was messy so I hear) but I didn't even feel the epidural go in considering what had been going on.

OK so I didn't know what I was missing cuz that epidural kicked in and man, oh man, I tried even harder to get that child out. This went on for 2 hours before I finally felt pain in my back to tell me that he was positioned wrong. My L&D nurse was absolutely amazing trying everything she could before realizing that he just wasn't coming down and suggested a c-section before the baby was distressed. Blessed be that he was fine through all this - it was ME that wasn't!
I couldn't wait any longer so that's how he got here, 37 hours later, and now I thank the medical community for basically saving me and my baby. Little Hank was born with a dent above his forehead from being shoved up against my bones.

I haven't mentioned Gary in all this - he was so wonderful and helped out so much being there every step of the way. His support spoke volumes. Only later did I find out that his worry and tears were there too as the latter stages came our way.

And here I sit with a squirming little guy and a poopy diaper --- gotta go!!