Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ever eavesdropped on what malarkey your Baby Daddy is filling your kid's head with? If you read my last post you will know that Hank already knows this is a load of crap but Big Momma thought it was a hoot!

Big Daddy G was reading an innocent enough looking book to Hank about baby animals. How can you taint this, you ask? I over hear him say,
"This is Mrs. Chipmunk. That's M-R-S so that means she is married and not an unwed mother. Liberals write M-S when addressing women so as not to offend or label them with a title they may not have."

Expressing political views by title? To a 7 month old?
This is why you have to be careful about who you breed with.

The Fountain of Youth

I know where the fountain of youth is. It’s an idea represented by our kids. This is why couples have more than one - to hold on to the idea of eternal youth. We don’t want our babies to grow up but since that’s impossible we have another to experience the extreme side of what it’s like to be young again. Yes, we live through it via another vessel but we see the mundane as new again. Very refreshing (sometimes inSANE!) and probably why more mothers are above 35. Life may have gotten a little on the boring side so why not just turn the world upside down!

The best quote I remember from when I was pregnant was my friend Marsha who was 39 when she conceived – “ Allen made me feel so young! I loved it!” She has the fountain of youth, no doubt.

But I also have friends that wonder why the hell they did this again and see the unprotected event as a serious lack of judgment. Actually, that was my take on the FIRST one!

I think Hank will keep us young. We have to be because he’s a watcher. He has been from birth. When something new comes his way he gets real serious and stares at it. We laugh that he already knows what it is and he’s digging through the archive of his past lives to recollect the name for it - can you say GENIUS?!

He’s has had a lot of colds this year and he knows what helps him feel better – I swear he does! He takes medicine with ease. AND he’ll let us squeeze nose drops in his nose and suck out boogers. He lifts his head so we can do it! See? GENIUS! My mom has pegged him as an old soul. He looks like he already has it all figured out but he’s just in a baby body – like his body has to catch up with his brain. And the other word for the day is….biased!

Hank’s at a super fun age now. He’s ticklish and tumbles around just smiling. And he doesn’ t mind being by himself for short stretches while I get ready or whatever. He got that honest. He’s very snuggly and social. We are so proud.

We have some new songs that we sing to him. We were watching vintage commercials on YouTube ( remember jingles?!) and ran across the Enjoli commercial from the 80’s – “Cuz I’m a wooooMAN Enjoli!” we sing “Cuz I’m a Baaaaby Hen-err-y!” Try to get that one out of your head – it’s sticks in there like You’re the One That I Want from Grease.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hank Letter #7: Chaos Theory

OK Doodle Bug, you are 7 months old and if I thought I had it rough in the early days of your life boy, I had no idea! I have two times of day that are my favorite - when you wake up and smile at me when I came to get you and when I get home from work. I so willingly let the house go so we can eat dinner, read books, cry sometimes, and just get ready to end the day.

Today was a particularly hard day for Mommy. You've been sick for so long and another cold has you up at night. It's 8:30pm and I've been up since 3am - it was so sad to hear you cry. We rocked for hours trying to find comfort. But, alas, it did come and the day began in all it's chaotic glory. So much went wrong today but knowing I'll see you at the end made it all just roll off my back. It was really outrageous though!

It's a job getting you out of the house now on days that I work. But it's all necessary to keep you nicely fed, warm, clean, clothed, and now snot free. You've been wiping boogers on my shoulder for days now so I've been relegated to white t-shirts while I'm here around the house. But I don't care; bring on the boogers if it means relief for you.

Time passes in a blur now. I may be stressed beyond what I ever thought I could handle but the brain is a funny organ. It can make the craziest of times seem not so bad in hindsight.
Don't get me wrong here, I'm not complaining just seriously wondering if I can hold it all together for you. I'll choose to see the bleary time passage as a blessing if it means I keep just a thread of sanity. A human hair sized thread.

I'm not going to sugar coat it for you - this is hard work. I've never been delusional about that. If a parent is serious about doing a good job it's totally consuming. Marriages can get left behind to slowly disintegrate while parents focus on their babies. Daddy and I are working hard to be a team for you now - to show you how to be a family as wonderfully dysfunctional as it may be. Hopefully, I don't kill him off before you get to know him. I'm kidding...

Even before you were born we were Team Steele at the track; we've just expanded that's all!
Love you babycakes!